Easy and quick

Whether you design websites or sell your creations online, invoices or awkward payment reminders are a thing of the past. Just share your paylink and get paid.

You set the price

Your customers click on the Payrexx paylink and pay the amount that you have previously set. Perfect for accepting general and order-related payments.

Abundance of payment methods

Accept all important payment methods, including credit, debit cards, Paypal, direct debit and many more.

Customizable and flexible

With the form editor, individual Paylink forms can be created by Drag & Drop.

Bye bye waiting

With Payrexx you don't need to wait for payments. Just send the paylink to your customer and the payment is confirmed in no time.

Personal URL with forwarded parameters

Create personal paylinks with URL parameters predefined with values such as currency, amount and further field values.

Accept payment seamlessly

Send individual payment requests to your customers.

One-time payments

Send a payment request for a particular order directly from your Payrexx account. The customer simply clicks on the paylink to proceed with the payment.

Recurring payments

Paylinks can also be created for recurring payments. A customer then receives a payment request within predefined intervals by email.

Automatic reminders

 If the customer has not paid after, for example, 30 days, the payment request can be automatically resent. You can set the reminder interval.

Paylink in an online invoice

Add Payrexx Paylink to your online invoices

Payment methods

Provide your customers diverse payment methods within a single digital invoice. This allows your customers to close an invoice much faster by simply clicking on a link in it.

Send by email

Save paper and go green by sending invoices online by email. Customers don't need to print an invoice, but instead click on the paylink within the email and pay.

Predefined values

Customize the Paylink before sending it to your customer. This allows you to prepare the main customer details, invoice number and amount for your customer.

How Payrexx Paylink works

Get started in 3 steps!


Create paylink

Create your personal Payrexx Paylink in your Payrexx account. Still don't have a Payrexx account? Create one now!, sign up is fast and free.


Share your paylink

Share your Payrexx Paylink by: – email, SMS or on social media.


Get paid fast

Customers click the paylink and pay with their preferred payment method. Then the money is transferred to your bank account in no time.